Automatic Golf Ball X-ray Inspection Machine

Strategic Automation is pleased to introduce a fully-automatic golf ball X-ray inspection machine capable of measuring concentricity of golf ball core layers at high rates of speed.  This machine will take high-resolution images in multiple cross-sections of a multilayer golf ball and with the use of vision software, discern Go from No-Go and drop into one of two specific chutes for golf ball mass production.




PC Based machine vision software for three modes:

  • Ports to allow product to flow into and out of machine without allowing X-rays to escape.
  • Automation to present, load, rotate and remove the balls from the machine.
  • Offload section to send the good and reject balls into two separate containers (by customer).
  • Includes necessary guarding and interlocks as well as ‘X-Ray ON’ warning beacon.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC and industrially hardened PC for high reliability.
  • Operator can manually control ball rotation speed and direction while viewing ball in real-time.
  • Golf ball manipulator can be easily removed for maintenance.
  • 15 inch color touch-screen operator interface.
  • Ergonometric display monitor arm with keyboard holder tray.
  • Storage of measurement results in a database for further analysis.
  • Automatic recording of images of rejects for later analysis of machine performance.
  • Network connectivity for remote data gathering or troubleshooting.