Second place is no place to be.

In the game of golf, being first is all that matters.  Every time a player places a ball on a tee, there is an opportunity to make a quality impression. Ball manufacturers and ad specialty companies seek to maximize that opportunity by precisely printing visually appealing high-quality graphics. Like a player in competition, your company needs to be at peak performance. By utilizing technology that will give you the competitive advantage of reduced delivery times and production costs, and increased reliability and flexibility, you can edge out the competition.

It’s a matter of precision and speed.

The challenge in printing golf balls is largely an issue of precision and speed. Logos need to be precisely positioned in relation to existing graphics or the dimple pattern. Traditionally, the industry has relied on manual labor. Not surprisingly, the process is slow, and operators are prone to fatigue and suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

While others have tried, only one company offers an engineered solution that precisely positions a ball every second (plus or minus 0.031”).



The Robo-Logo golf ball orienting machine is a revolutionary new way of producing custom logo golf balls or printing original manufacturer logos. Supply a stream of randomly oriented golf balls to it and it will rotate them to any desired orientation, relative to the manufacturer’s logo and side stamp, or relative to the ball dimple pattern, at a rate of up to 60 balls per minute.  It can do the work of up to five manual operators.  Imagine running a 2,000 dozen order in a single shift on a single printing machine!  The Robo-Logo can be purchased as a complete printing system or integrated with the customer’s existing printing system.


Key Features and Advantages