Autonomous Sorting

Looking for a fast, accurate, contactless method of sorting any make or model of golf balls?

Strategic Automation is pleased to announce the introduction of our newest product: Neptune. Ideal for sorting recycled balls, Neptune can autonomously sort recycled golf balls at a rate of over 50 balls/minute!  Balls can be sorted by manufacturer, model, or color. A hopper/elevator can be installed on the front end to feed the balls into the machine automatically while a diverter track works on the back end to send sorted balls to up to 7 different containers.

Streamlined Dimensions

With the offload diverter installed, Neptune is 80″ long, 32″ deep, and 75″ high.  The hopper adds 60″ to the length.  At about 1000 lbs it’s light enough to use air freight for overseas delivery.

Flexible Sorting

You can program Neptune to sort by up to 6 different ball types at a time.  Any ball not identified goes into a 7th hopper which can then be run through the machine again and sorted for another 6 different characteristics.

Sales & Support

We supply a detailed manual that describes how to assemble the machine at your site, however if you do need remote or on-site assistance or training we can provide that for installation as well as programming for different ball types. We also supply complete replacement parts.


Neptune comes with a 1 year complete warranty on all parts and engineering.