Core X

Automatic Golf Ball
X-ray Inspection Machine

Core-X is capable of measuring concentricity of golf ball core layers at high rates of speed.  The machine will take high-resolution images in multiple cross-sections of a multi-layer golf ball and use machine vision software to discern Go from No-Go. The balls are dropped into one of two specific chutes for golf ball mass production.


Better Inspections

Increased inspection productivity.  Core shifts and outer layer thickness issues are quickly found.

Fully Enclosed

Unit is fully enclosed for safe operation.

Standardized Equipment

Meets or exceeds FDA and OSHA standards.

PC Based machine vision software for three modes:

Normal (Sort) Mode

100% sort at speed – able to discern Go/No-Go and route into appropriate chutes.

Manual (Lab) Mode

Operator places ball in machine at a set position to measure data for cover thicknesses at known locations on the ball.  Cycle times for this mode are higher.

Setup mode

Used for calibration, verification of known good / bad product and any maintenance functions.


  • Ports to allow product to flow into and out of machine without allowing X-rays to escape.
  • Automation to present, load, rotate, and remove the balls from the machine.
  • Offload section to send the good and reject balls into two separate containers (by customer).
  • Includes necessary guarding and interlocks as well as ‘X-Ray ON’ warning beacon.
  • Allen-Bradley PLC and industrially hardened PC for high reliability.
  • Network connectivity for remote data gathering or troubleshooting.
  • Operator can manually control ball rotation speed and direction while viewing ball in real-time.
  • Golf ball manipulator can be easily removed for maintenance.
  • 15-inch color touch-screen operator interface.
  • Ergonometric display monitor arm with keyboard holder tray.
  • Storage of measurement results in a database for further analysis.
  • Automatic recording of images of rejects for later analysis of machine performance.