Strategic Automation has developed the world’s first fully automatic golf ball inspection machine capable of matching the precision of the human eye.  This machine is designed to inspect for various cosmetic defects in finished or unfinished golf balls. It has an operating rate of 30 balls/min. and can sort balls according to the type of defect found.  An eight-station, sequential operation allows for the detection of defects down to .003 inch square. It is easily trained to inspect different products and ball numbers. Once it is trained, an operator just selects a ball from a list and it is ready to run, unattended, as long as a supply of balls is presented to it.  Defects are clearly displayed on the operator interface screen and the level of quality can be set to be as discerning as necessary. Contact Strategic Automation for a demonstration of the revolutionary new machine.


Sentry-1 Inspects the entire surface of the ball for cosmetic defects